Garment printing

Everyone knows that a screen printed garment lasts better than most other garment printing system. The inks go on wet and wrap around the fibres of the garment so they are cured or locked in place. Wash after wash the t-shirt or garment fades but the image you screen print stays strong.


What no one likes with screen printing is the mess and problems of making screens. The old systems for screen making can be really scary!!


Everyone knows that a screen printed garment costs a fraction of the other decoration systems. Typically the ink cost on an A4 size image is about 1-3p The time taken to screen print 30 t-shirts with this system from start to finish would be no more than 90 minutes, that’s set up to clean up finished, job done. For small print jobs there’s nothing to beat the cost and quality of this system.


If you want to personalise work wear, shopping bags, kids t-shirts, adults t-shirts, or small material gift items, then you need to see this system.


If you need to screen print images than A4, then this system is not for you. But with a maximum image size of 300mm x 210mm just think of all the items you could produce up to that size then when the machine is not being used it can go inside a drawer so you don’t need loads of space. It’s a misconception of screen printing that you need racks of screens, wash out booths and exposure units. No No No What you need is one little screen maker that fits in your drawer and creates screens in 35 seconds.


So why wouldn’t you want your own MiScreen print screen maker?

Turning original artwork and initial sketches into a screen-print is a truly magical experience for the students. The students are always very excited when I tell them their final outcome will be produced on the Gocopro. 

SOPHIE COBB - Head of Art, Arnold House School

Using the MiScreen for garment printing