School and University Applications

Using the MiScreen for Schools and Universities

  • Is your school teaching using the most advanced digital screen printing technology available? 
  • Are you helping the students to be creative in our digital world? 
  • Would you like to mash up the digital creativity with hands on printing?


Well here’s the answer. This digital screen making technology for high schools and universities will allow the creative juices to explode without the time consuming mess of using old fashioned emulsions and chemicals. The quality of screens created by the MiScreen digital screen-printing machine is exceptional and your students get to see how their prints will turn out before they have even put ink to the screen, saving time and money.


This screen printing technology is cutting edge, easy to use and creatively mind bending. Watch as your students embrace the possibilities and take screen printing to a new level. Our future graphic designers, fashion designers and graphic artists, deserve to know how technology is changing the old traditional processes for the better.


If you are not showing and teaching this technology, then your students are leaving your establishment with out of date systems in their head. Fine if they are doing THE HISTORY OF ART AND SCREEN PRINTING but not if they want to wow employers, start their own companies, and build a better future.

We bought a Gocopro because it's just so easy to use and makes the students even more creative with their artwork, the outcomes are always outstanding and professional looking"

SOPHIE COBB - Head of Art, Arnold House School