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Your frequesntly asked questions answered

Q)   Can I print more than one colour images?

A)   This system is great for single colour prints - that is one colour of ink onto one colour of garment or product. You can print more than one colour you just have to be clever with the registration and it is better if you use designs that do not need tight fit between colours.

Q)    Can I print onto dark garments?

A)   Yes you can. Traditional screen printers often print a garment twice so you get two layers of ink down onto the garment. We dom a similar thing wioth our system but the technique is slightly different. still achieves great results.

Q)    I have no experience with screen printing, will this system suit me?

A)     This system is perfect for you. You need to phone up and order one today. You will be able to get fantastic results from this system within an afternoon as opposed to traditional screen making which can take years to master. If you are thinking of getting involved in a new business then this is definitely the way to go - we guarantee it!

Q)   What is the maximum size I can print?

A)   This depends on the screen maker you select and the frame size you use. Have a look at each individual specification for each printer and you will see the sizes it can print.

Q)   I want to print a black and white photograph. Will this work?

A)   The GOCCOPRO is fantastic for printing an image with different levels of grey. This does not always transfer to photographs unless they have been stylised. You need to break the tonal bands down into steps. This is quite a simple procedure to do. The best thing is to look at the samples on our gallery.

Q)   I want my images to be crisp and sharp how good is the machine at doing this?

A)   We have various types of screens that can be used to give the optimum quality for the job you require. Sometimes traditional screen printing can cause curved letters to look stepped or bit mapped because the wire screen effects the image. Because our screen threads are so thin it vastly improves this particular problem.

Q)   Can I print just one image then change to another image?

A)   Yes you can, however for each image you need to create a new screen. There is a one off cost for each screen. If you make one garment from the screen then all the cost goes onto the one garment. If you print 10 items then the cost will be spread out over all 10 items.

Q)   How many items can I print from the one screen?

A)   This will vary depending upon on several parameters. However you can get from 1 to around 1000.

Q)   I like the idea, how can I see more of what the GOCCOPRO can do?

A)    We have set up a facebook page and an instagram page which provide lots and lots of examples of what you can do.


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