MiScreen Instant Print Screen Maker  SRP £2,200.00

The NEW MiScreen digital Screen Maker is without doubt the easiest system you can use today to create a digital screen for screen printing. There is no messing about with films and chemicals just a straight forward computer to print process.


They say a picture paints a 1000 words so a video will be really informative and give you everything you need to know. Don't delay, take a look now at our Youtube playlist, just           CLICK HERE          


This system creates a screen so you can print without the need for any of the following-

No Emulsions, No Chemicals, No Exposure units, No Washout booths and No Water required in screen creation.


MiScreen FACTS

Screen making method                   = Digital thermal screen

Maximum print image area             = 210 x 300 mm

Screen frame size                           = 300 x 430 mm

Screen making print time                = 35 seconds

Screen material                               = Riso digital pre-coated master material available in 120 threads per inch and 70 threads per inch

Screen making burn resolution       = 203dpi

Interface                                          = USB 2.0

Supported PC OS                           = Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10,

Supported Apple mac OS               = X Yosemite 10.10 - macOS Sierra 10.12

Power consumption                        = 120 W

Power supply                                  = AC 100 - 240V / 1.0 - 0.42A

Application Software                      = Dedicated software accepts BMP, PDF and JPG file formats


This MiScreen, Instant Screen Print Kit contans the following items -

MiScreen printer

Table top printing press

Black plastic print frame

120 mesh screen masters (5 sheets) -


Double-sided tape - 10mm wide

Print Utility Software - Software gives the operator the ability to change the amount of detail burned into the screen.

You can also change the image size and position to see exactly what you will print.


PRICE INFORMATION - The MiScreen Print Kit has a retail price in the UK of £2,200.00 plus VAT and carriage.

Additional screen masters can be bought in 20s at a cost of £120.00.00 plus VAT and carriage.


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Lastly, we always recommend using the fantastic digital screen dot creation software in conjunction with the MiScreen which enables you to keep lovely halftone images looking great           CLICK HERE           for further information


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